Ali Nadem – Signature Sounds Vol. 1

As a child, I felt a strong connection to sound. Messing with tapes, playing instruments and being mesmerized by beautiful video game songs.

In 2005, I was 15 and was introduced to electronic music and became interested in it. It was energetic, emotional and euphoric.

I felt like I could conquer the world with this newfound flame burning inside of me. I like to share my story with listeners, to paint an adventure with a musical brush. I put my brain on the speakers and let the listener interpret the song in their own way.

Signature Sounds of Ali Nadem Vol. 1 represents years of my passion for unique and exciting sounds. I wanted to give a powerful resource to the producing community that I cherish. I’m very interested to hear what creations you create from this library!

  • Over 2000 samples (effects, drums, synths, vocals, midi and more!)
  • Over 150 massive presets
  • Download Ali Nadem – Signature Sounds Vol. 1 (WAV)
  • Original Publisher: Ali Nadem
  • Category: Sample Pack
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 2.88 GB

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