Ample Sound – Ample Bass Upright 3.6.0 (WIN/OSX)

AmpleSound AmpleBassUpright -

Ample Bass Upright – the program is a virtual instrument with two basses, which includes a library of more than 3 GB of samples, recorded as naturally as possible on each fret, without the use of destructive editing and dynamic processing. Contains 6 articulations: sustain, jamming, natural harmonica, hammer and pull, legato. Legato articulations can be used to create legato notes of any length, speed, pitch, and polyphony.

What’s new?
3.6 New Features:
Native support for Mac M1 machines.
Native accessibility support on both Windows and Mac.
Tab Reader supports Guitar pro 7 format.
Improved sample engine, memory management, and efficiency.
Updated AAX format version.
Optimized UI display.
Added Sync feature in Delay.

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