Antares – Auto-Tune SoundSoap v6.0.0

Antares Auto TuneSoundSoap -

The fastest and easiest way to clean up audio tracks :
Fix imperfect vocals , salvage “unusable” sound, enhance tone and tone in any project with the touch of a button.

Main characteristics

Rescue: Save Your Job :
Become a hero and bring “unusable” audio back to life. Auto-Tune SoundSoap rescues even the most damaged tracks and brings dead recordings to life.
Enhancement: Subtle changes throughout the track :
Fine-tune the sound profile of any project at the touch of a button. Apply SoundSoap to the entire track for end-to-end enhancement.
Recovery: Easily better than before :
SoundSoap knows exactly where your tracks need the most help. Precise corrections eliminate unwanted noise and give vocals a pristine sound.

Key features
– Application in one click.
– Deess.
– Dehum.
– Track-wide improvements.
– De-noise reduction of voice and spectrum.
– Light and dark modes.

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