Antares – Auto-Tune Vocodist v1.1.0

Introducing Auto-Tune Vocodist :
Auto-Tune Vocodist delivers legendary the sound of vintage vocoders with the full power and flexibility of built-in Auto-Tune.
Immediately recognizable, always unforgettable. Produce the unmistakable effect made famous by Daft Punk dancefloor bangs, electro pioneers Kraftwerk, 70s rock classics ELO and more.

Create like the legends :
This advanced vocoder plugin includes models of all the classic vocoders you know and love. In addition, we’ve created an extensive collection of presets featuring P-Thugg (Chromeo), producer Buddy Ross (Frank Ocean), electronic artist Rachel K. Collier and more to jump-start your creativity.
Ease of Use and Speed :
Auto-Tune Vocodist allows you to control the pitch of the vocoded audio using your voice or your favorite MIDI keyboard. Designed for ease of use, the built-in 8-voice dual oscillator synthesizer will help you get started with vocoding quickly and easily. Or use any external audio source via the sidechain input and explore!
Push it to the limit :
Customize the classic vocoder sound even further with built-in vocal effects. For extreme vocal mutations, explore otherworldly effects with analog tube saturation, lush choruses and ring modulation.
Auto-tune under the hood :
As the world’s only vocoder plugin with built-in Auto-Tune, you can tune your vocals without leaving Vocodist. Tune it for
subtle results, or boost it up to combine the legendary Auto-Tune effect with vocoder vibrations to create your own unique sound.

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