Sound Particles – Density v1.1.0

Density plugin is a sound plugin effects that creates different layers of sounds based on input. With great results in stereo and fantastic in immersive, this plug-in allows artists to create incredible-sounding ensembles from solo inputs and achieve incredible spatiality.

Main characteristics
The voice turns into choirs, and the violin into string ensembles –
Density creates different layers of sounds on the basis of one track. Using our granular technology, it’s now incredibly easy to increase the density of sounds in your tracks with amazing results.
From music to sound design, from stereo to Dolby Atmos, Density is the plugin you definitely need in your toolbox.
Basic mode –
This mode allows you to use the plugin quickly, without requiring additional experience, with incredible results. With just a few controls, you can create small or large ensembles from a single sound.
Detuning mode –
This mode is ideal for creating the feel of different layers. The Detune mode has more advanced controls that allow you to fine-tune some parameters related to grain generation and voice movement.
Step Mode –
This mode creates multiple groups of voices with individual pitch, number of voices and gain controls, allowing them to be harmonized like a choir for the most realistic and creative results.
XY pad –
Control two parameters at the same time with your mouse to give you the best way to express yourself
All formats –
Take advantage of creation in all of the following formats: Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Ambisonics, Binaural, Dolby Atmos, …
Motion –
Make the grains move to bring your sounds to life by selecting their movement patterns.
Top View –
A circular visual representation of your layers in 3D space.
Layering –
Separate control of input and generated voices makes it easy to automate the amplification of generated voices to control musical performance.
Randomization –
Use presets or our randomization tool to quickly explore multiple pre-made results.
New features v1.1.0
No VST2 architecture (it has been discontinued)
Fix for Nuendo and Cubase multichannel formats – In the previous version, there was a channel order switching.
Known Issues :
-Does not work in Digital Performer

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