Antares – Harmony Engine v4.3.0

Antares HarmonyEngine e1672516528216 -

Automatic Vocal Harmony Generator :
Harmony Engine is a plug-in for generating real-time harmonies, allowing you to create professional-quality harmonic arrangements from a single vocal or mono instrumental track.
Introducing Harmony Engine :
Find out how Harmony Engine makes it easy to add juicy harmonies to your vocal tracks.

Main characteristics
Harmony of One :
Create professional-quality harmonic arrangements from a single track of a vocal or mono instrument.
Creative Chorus :
Explore four high quality harmony voices with independent vocal character, vibrato and pan settings for realistic or extreme effects.
Handcrafted Harmonies :
Carefully create your own vocal arrangement note by note, play harmonies with a MIDI controller, or simply select chords and let the Harmony Engine do the rest.
Key features
Professional harmonies from a single source.
Four independently adjustable harmony voices.
Humanized controls for natural-sounding performance.
Create vocal arrangements note by note or automatically.
Compatible with Auto-Key plugin and Auto-Key Mobile.

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