Apogee Soft Limit 1.0 14

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Soft Limit was originally designed as a tape emulation circuit to be placed in front of the A/D converter in the Apogee AD-500. The resulting sound was so popular with the public that since then this circuit has been built into almost all Apogee converters.
Add. Information : The plug-in has an adjustable threshold (as opposed to a fixed one in the original), as well as an Auto Makeup function to increase the output level as the threshold decreases. The output signal can also be adjusted manually ±18 dB, while the Drive control ±18 dB at the limiter input allows you to influence the sound coloration of the sound.
Soft Limit also offers up to 16x oversampling to help combat aliasing. Apogee also claims that the plug-in is able to efficiently use the power of the computer’s processor, which allows you to work with low latency at any setting. Additional convenience is provided by the Input, Soft Limit and Output indicators, which clearly show how the plugin affects the incoming signal.

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