Ask Video Bitwig Studio 5 101

Unlock your music production potential with this Bitwig Studio 5 beginner’s guide course! Join acclaimed Bitwig Certified Trainer, Thavius ​​Beck, and in just 2.5 hours, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this powerful DAW.

  • The Dashboard.mp4
  • Panel Overview.mp4
  • Browser Overview.mp4
  • Adding an Instrument.mp4
  • Note Clips and events.mp4
  • MSEGs Scrawl Oscillator.mp4
  • Note Expressions and Operators.mp4
  • Modulators.mp4
  • Drum Machine and Sampler.mp4
  • Note FX.mp4
  • Audio FX.mp4
  • Remote Controls.mp4
  • PolyGrid Intro.mp4
  • PolyGrid Modulation.mp4
  • Hybrid Tracks.mp4
  • Audio Clips and Events.mp4
  • Layered Editing.mp4
  • Slice to Drum Machine or Sampler.mp4
  • Fold To Takes.mp4
  • Alt Clip Launch Settings.mp4
  • Record To Arranger.mp4
  • FX Tracks.mp4
  • Automation.mp4
  • Mixing Basics.mp4
  • Save and Export.mp4
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  • Format: MP4
  • Video: AVC, 1920×1080, 16:9, 30fps, 339kbps
  • Audio: AAC, 44100Hz, 189kbps, stereo
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One Comment on “Ask Video Bitwig Studio 5 101”

  1. Please add the Ryan Tedder songwriting course if you have it.

    Another recent songwriting course is the one “stripped down songwriting from H.E.R”. I hope someone also has this one.


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