[Ask Video / MacProVideo / NonLinear Educating / Rishabh Rajan] Sampling and Sound Design Demystified

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Kontakt 7 has tons of creative features that most of us never use! This course will inspire you to dive deeper and explore all the sound design tools this powerful Native Instruments sampler has to offer. have fun!

Section 1: Introduction
1. Introduction (1m 10s)
Section 2: Overview
2. Content Browser (6m 12s)
3. Instrument Interface (7m 32s)
4. Aux Sends (6m 27s)
5. Kontakt Script Presets (4m 8s)
Section 3: The Library
6. Acoustic Instruments (8m 22s)
7. Band Instruments (5m 20s)
8. Beats Instruments (5m 3s)
9. Choir Instruments (4m 28s)
10. Orchestral Instruments (7m 27s)
11. Synth Instruments ( 8m 17s)
12. Vintage Instruments (4m 49s)
Section 4: Inside Kontakt
13. Inside Kontakt (7m 42s)
14. Group Effects (4m 1s)
15. Envelope Modulation (5m 59s)
16. LFO Modulation (4m 57s)
17. Step Modulator (4m 21s)
18. Glide (4m 4s)
19. Envelope Follower (3m 59s)
20. Insert Send & Main Effects (6m 58s)
21. Automation (4m 5s)

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