Ask Video – Melodyne 101 Melodyne 5 Explained and Explored

When it comes to manipulating pitch and time correction, Celemony’s Melodyne 5 is just magical. Watch this course now and get ready to master Melodyne’s powerful features with instructor and sound engineer Joshua Carney.
With its sophisticated algorithms, Melodyne allows you to control pitch, time, note length, attack time, formant shift, etc. very transparently with little or no noticeable sonic artifacts. Thanks to DNA (Direct Note Access) technology, it even lets you dive into chords and adjust the pitch for polyphonic instruments such as piano, synthesizer and guitar. From basic vocal tuning and quantization to innovative sound design, this course from Melodyne expert Joshua Carney will show you everything you need to know about this audio editing tool!
Joshua kicks off the course by revealing how Melodyne fits into your DAW. He explains how to bring audio into Melodyne and start editing quickly. You will learn about the six Melodyne algorithms and how and when to use them. Joshua goes on to explain how to set up keyboard shortcuts before diving into three important macros: pitch, quantize, and justify. Using very different vocal examples across genres (from pop to rock and folk to metal), Joshua explains step by step how to make the most of every tool and Melodyne feature and get the perfect result every time. You’ll also learn about sibilant control, how to use a chord track, and even how to use Melodyne as a sound design tool to profoundly change the sound of your productions!
Learn how to incorporate this powerful audio editing tool into your music production workflow!

Section 1: Melodyne 5 Basics
Overview of Melodyne
2m 31s
Transfer and ARA
3m 26s
Selecting the Correct Algorithm
4m 35s
Correct Pitch Macro
6m 43s
Quantize Time Macro
1m 48s
Leveling Macro
3m 2s
Save As MIDI
1m 58s
Section 2: Key and Scale Detection
Scale Editor and Key/Scale Detection
4m 15s
Master Tuning
4m 9s
Dynamic Just Tuning
3m 12s
Section 3: Edit Tools
Main Tool and Vocal Tuning Workflow
3m 17s
Scroll and Zoom Tools
2m 10s
Pitch, Modulation and Drift Tools
5m 24s
Formant Tool
2m 57s
Amplitude and Fade Tools
5m 47s
Sibilant Detection and Sibilant Balance Tool
3m 17s
Time, Time Handle and Attack Speed ​​Tools
3m 34s
Note Separation and Separation Type Tools, Info Pane
2m 29s
Section 4: Note Assignment Mode
Note Assignment Mode
4m 20s
Note Assignment Tools
6m 24s
Section 5: Editing with References
Track List and Show Notes for Reference
5m 41s
Using the Chord Track
3m 32s
Section 6: Sound Editor
Emphasis, Dynamics and EQ
5m 57s
Harmonics and Synth
4m 28s

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