Audiofier – Pragmabeat (KONTAKT)

 Introducing PRAGMABEAT – Audiofier’s first drum library
From the Ensemble Makers series. Fast, creative, unpredictable ways to arrange your music… in one click.
Loops and sequences of instrumental rhythms, melodies, arpeggios and riffs that complement each other perfectly.

Additional Information
PRAGMABEAT can be a very deep library, full of features, but it is also very straightforward if used at its basic functionality. PRAGMABEAT sounds structure includes 4 HITS layers (interchangeably called KITS or KIT PIECES) and 4 LOOPS layers. HITS are single sounds that can be sequenced (snare hit, cowbell hit), while LOOPS are prerecorded rhythms that can still be edited and sequenced as well.
The main feature of PRAGMABEAT is the automatic sounds combination and sequence/patterns creation features. At the click of a button (almost literally), drum kits and multi-structured patterns can be generated. Given the massive amount of sounds (HITS and LOOPS) and the randomization engine capabilities, PRAGMABEAT provides a limitless source of inspiration for any music composer/producer’s rhythmic needs.
Pragmabeat includes 4 sequencers to trigger an arsenal of Drums, Percussion and Effects multi-sampled hits.
Additionally it sports 4 Lanes to drive tons of Audio Loops, from Acoustic to Designed Drums & Percussion, from Tonal Effects to Monster Earthshaking Impacts
Pressing C3 on the midi keyboard (or triggering it with a DAW) will activate the 4 HITS sequences and 4 LOOPS at once.
The key-switches C#3, D3 and D#3 will trigger respectively DRUM ROLLS, SNARE FILLS and TOM/SNARE fills.
The key switch E3 triggers selectable Crash Cymbals sounds.
The 4 Key-switches C1, D1, E1 and F1 trigger the 4 HITS sounds that can be played like with a standard drum hits library.
The 4 Key-switches C2, D2, E2 and F2 trigger the 4 LOOPS individually.
The Key-switches from C4 and B5 will trigger the SCENES change. Scenes are PRAGMABEAT’s combinations of sounds and sequences. When these Key-switches are displayed in several colors (from yellow to red), it means a PROGRESSIVE sequences randomisation has been generated.
In this case, the yellow keys will trigger less busy HITS sequences and LOOPS combinations, and each key will trigger a more complex scene, ending with scene 24, which will be the most complex and busiest.
– (The majority of sound sources includes up to 10 velocity layers and makes use of scripted Round Robin and AVS – Automatic Variation per Stroke)
– Loops and Hits Sequences Combinations.
– New Rolls & Fills generated at a press of a key.
– 7 user recallable fills memories.
– Real time groove complexity/sparsity by Mod Wheel.
– Automatic Sounds and Rhythms Generation.
– 24 scenes with Progressive Patterns building (from simpler to more complex).
– Individual Layers’ effects for each scene (build a different mix per scene).
– Scenes Chain Randomization (let Pragmabeat choose the scenes sequence and change at a given rate).
– 6GB Hard Drive Space
– Note: Requires the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
– NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player

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