AudioThing – Effect Bundle v2023.05 VST, VST3, AAX x64

AudioThing® is an audio software company specializing in audio plugins.
It was founded in April 2011 by composer, sound designer and programmer Carlo Castellano and has been producing and developing audio products ever since. The company is currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

AudioThing is essentially a one-man business working closely with very talented freelancers (sound designers, graphic designers, DSP programmers, etc…) and artists (Alborosie, Hainbach).

Plugins included
The Effect Bundle includes all AudioThing Effects plugins. From vintage valve emulation to sophisticated convolution processing, this set is perfect for any composer, producer and sound designer.
◍ Alborosie Dub Station v1.0.0 – filter, echo, spring reverb.
◍ Dials v1.0.2 – test equipment channel strip.
◍ Fog Convolver v2.1.1 – convolution processor.
◍ Frostbite v2.2.0 – multi-effect.
◍ Gong Amp v1.0.0 – resonator.
◍ Mantis v1.0.1 – vintage BBD Echo.
◍ Megaphone v1.5.4 – bull horn / loudspeaker emulation.
◍ miniVerb v1.2.0 – 8-bit lo-fi reverb.
◍ OuterSpace v1.3.3 – Roland RE-201 space echo emulation.
◍ Phase Motion v2.0.0 – phaser.
◍ Reels v1.5.2 – tape emulation with built-in echo and tape stop effect.
◍ Space Strip v1.2.0 – multi-effects strip.
◍ Speakers v1.2.3 – simulation of a microphone and speakers.
◍ Springs v1.3.3 – collection of vintage spring reverbs.
◍ The Orb v1.2.1 – formant filter.
◍ Things Bubbles v1.1.0 – sparkling delay filterbank.
◍ Things Crusher v1.2.0 – bit crusher and filter.
◍ Things Flip EQ v1.1.1 – tilted equalizer.
◍Things Motor v1.1.0 – rotor morphing effect.
◍ Things Texture v1.1.1 – granular reverb.
◍ Type-A v1.3.1 – Improver based on @ Dolby-A noise reduction.
◍ Type-B v1.1.0 – harmonic exciter.
◍ Valves v1.0.3 – emulation of vintage valves.
◍ Vinyl Strip v1.6.1 – vintage strip multi-effects.
◍ WaveBox v1.5.1 – dynamic double waveformer.
◍ Wires v1.2.1 – an echo of the Soviet wire tape recorder.

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