Tegeler Audio Manufaktur – Raummaschine v1.1.1

Immerse yourself in a unique soundscape – with our exciting Raummaschine.
We bring you a world of mesmerizing echoes and floating resonances that turn your music into a truly magical experience.
Raummaschine brings the legendary algorithm of our Raumzeitmaschine tube reverb as a plug-in right into your DAW.
Written in C++ and assembly language for optimal use of your system resources.
Never before has a reverb sounded so good with so little CPU usage.

How does it sound ?
Imagine your melodies floating gently around the room, wrapped in a sensual mantle of sound that touches the hearts of the listeners. Each note becomes a breath of purity that seeps through the speakers, giving shape and depth to your emotions with unrivaled intensity.
Our Raummaschine doesn’t just create a simple reverb – it creates an enchanting acoustic that puts your compositions in a new light. Whether you crave a warm and organic room sound or a sparkling and surreal atmosphere, our Raummaschine will let you turn your creative ideas into reality.

Your sound is the heart of our mission. Every algorithm and every detail has been meticulously designed to deliver exceptional sound. We dived deep into the world of assembly language programming to create a reverb that captivates with its natural yet otherworldly sound. And all this without having to bring your computer to its knees.

Whether you’re an experienced music producer or a novice, our Raummaschine will allow you to unlock the full potential of the reverb effect without getting bogged down in complex technologies and submenus. This is the perfect solution for those looking for great sound without complicated controls.

What does he do for you ?
Experience the pleasure of listening to a cathedral whose walls capture the sound of your music and reflect it in endless layers of depth and warmth. Or choose an alluring futuristic spaceship that will transport your sounds to an alien and captivating galaxy.
With our Raummaschine you will experience the world of music in a whole new way. Let yourself be inspired by beautiful sounds and immerse yourself in an emotional journey where music can be not only heard but also felt. The sound will touch your soul and take you to a world of pure magic.

Dare to explore new horizons and add a touch of reverb magic to your music. Pre-order on Raummaschine and bring your compositions to life on June 1st. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of sound and let yourself be inspired by the beauty and emotion that our Raummaschine has to offer. Get ready for a sonic experience that will take your music to the next level and touch hearts.
Even though Raummaschine is very easy to use, it comes with a lot of useful presets. Just download and set up. Ready.

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