Beat Machine – Roland U110 Sound Module

Beat Machine Roland U110 Sound Module -

For those who wanted U110 sounds!
The U110 is an underrated small PCM sound module. Using almost the same body as the
Roland R8M Drum Module, this little gem can also duplicate the various sound cards that are used in the larger U20 and D70 synthesizers.
This VST contains all the factory settings of the U110 module. Patches 60-64 are empty cans of several cards, so there was nothing to sample from them. Check out Patch 32 if you need these famous Prodigy strings! Many thanks to Audun Rødsten for sending R8M and sound cards from Norway for conversion!
: Copy The Copy To Your VST 64bit folder
to the folder with VST plugins From the Fonts – Copy To Your Fonts Folder, run 4 files with fonts in turn and click on the “Install” button.icon smile -

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