Black Salt Audio Bundle for MAC OS

Free Download Black Salt Audio Bundle Full Version for Mac OS.

Overview of Black Salt Audio Bundle

Instantly add impact, richness and clarity to any mix. BSA Reviver’s adaptive processing automatically distinguishes between transition and stable layers. This means you can add extra warmth, punch, crispness and clarity to your transition layers while keeping the stable material in your mix completely intact.

Features of Black Salt Audio Bundle

  • Adaptive processing for targeted enhancement of transition and stable layers.
  • Clipper v1.1.0: Precision clipping for controlled saturation and warmth.
  • Escalator v1.3.2: Elevate your mix with dynamic and responsive upward compression.
  • Low Control v1.2.1: Fine-tune your low frequencies with precision and clarity.
  • Oxygen v1.2.0: Infuse your mix with a breath of fresh air, adding life and vibrancy.
  • Reviver v1.1.2: The core adaptive processing unit for impact, richness, and clarity.
  • Silencer v1.0.8: Tame unwanted frequencies and enhance overall sonic control.
  • Telofi v1.1.1: Transform your audio with lush, atmospheric reverberations.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Developer: Black Salt Audio
  • Platform: Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
  • Interface language: English
  • System requirements: Mac OS X 10.13+ and newer
  • Download Size: 1.72 GB

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