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BozDigitalLabs T Bone2 -

T-Bone is a general track or bus mix tone shaping EQ that lets you work fast before ear fatigue rears its ugly head.
Version 2 of the T-Bone now has 4 Tone Shaping sections: Beef, Air, Brightness and Focus, in addition to high and low pass filters. Each one uses a combination of effects to quickly and intuitively bring your track into the mix exactly the way your brain imagines it.

Description Continued
One of the most important parts of getting a good mix is ​​your ability to mix before ear fatigue sets in. That’s why sometimes plugins that give you control over every little thing often lead to worse mixes. And here T-Bone comes to the rescue. T-Bone is built to be fast. Come in and out. This gives you quick access to all the essential tone adjustment tools that 95% of your tracks need. Adjust brightness, focus, air and beef with simple and quick controls. And when you’re done, you can test your sanity with the “intensity” control, which lets you reset everything (or dig harder) if you overdo it.
Clear filters to Nyquist without CPU load :
During the development of the T-Bone, Boz Digital created some incredibly smooth filters that don’t create any annoying high-frequency noise. Boz Digital’s fail-safe filters not only provide smooth frequency response up to the Nyquist limit, but can do so without the draining CPU that happens with oversampling filters.
T-Bone – just the facts :
Control brightness, focus, air, beef, treble and bass
Intensity control to pull back or deepen
Clean filters to the Nyquist limit
Low CPU usage
List of changes
2.0.0: Major update :
*Complete redesign
*M1 native compatibility
*32-bit version for PC or Mac is no longer supported.
2.0.6: Misprints :
* Fixed pointing to descriptions

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