Channel Robot – DuoTone Collection v2.0.0

DuoTone Collection is all 8 effects of the DuoTone 2 series put together.
Each DuoTone plugin uses our unique audio routing approach to give you a whole new way to work with effects.

DuoTone effects have a common approach to sound routing, so learning how to use one plugin will teach you how to use them all.

DuoTone Collection
Chorus : Has been completely redesigned for the second version. We wanted to get a rich chorus that would convey all the sounds we got from the Roland Chorus equipment of the 70s.
Compressor : Again, completely redesigned for version 2. Here we wanted a more flexible and transparent compressor.
Delay : Two more delay methods are added this time – true ping pong delay and tape delay.
Distortion : Replacing the DuoTone Shaper, we took the Shaper effect and added two more – Dirt and Dist for darker and more distorted results.
Flanger : A completely new effect, but again we were aiming for those smooth analog flangers we found in our hardware collections.
gate: There was nothing special here, so we created a new user interface and left everything as it is.
Phaser : Again, a new, more complex approach to phaser effects, with more controls to get the job done – to be honest, we may have gone a little overboard with the controls.
Temolo : Everything looks great again – we’ve updated the user interface and left everything as it is.

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