Cherry Audio – Miniverse v1.0.12.63

Big bang synths
Miniverse (formerly Minimode) is a painstaking virtual emulation of the granddaddy of all handheld synthesizers. Introduced in 1971, no other instrument is more associated with the word “synthesizer” – this is perhaps the most famous and beloved analog synthesizer ever created. Although its innards were not identical to massive modular synths, it had a tight, rich, “fat” analog sound that remains unsurpassed 50 years later! It set the standard for future synthesizers, inspired entirely new musical genres, and defined the sound of artists as diverse as Kraftwerk, Herbie Hancock, Rick Wakeman, Pink Floyd, Parliament, Gary Newman and many more.
And now, with Cherry Audio Miniverse, it’s your turn!

Description Continued

Miniverse was conceived as a tribute to the original instrument. We focused on one principle: absolute authenticity. Together with DSP master and frequent collaborator Mark Barton (MRB), we have studied and measured every nuance, every curve and every characteristic of the sound. Even the Miniverse interface is a meticulous recreation of the original, from the maple body and textured surface to the unmistakable “Cosmo” knobs and switches. We avoided the temptation to add additional features such as extra LFOs or effects that would detract from the spirit and atmosphere of the classic model. Instead, the Miniverse portrays the clean, raw, powerful sound and feel of the classic original.

Miniverse Features
Accurate virtual analog emulation of legendary hardware.
All the features of the original in a realistic interface just like the original.
Three oscillators with triangular, sawtooth, linear sawtooth, square, wide rectangular and narrow rectangular waveforms.
Classic four-pole ladder filter 24 dB/octave.
Feedback and side chain reproducing the original instrument’s external input function with very faithfully reproduced overdrive characteristics.
Fully programmable with over 250 preset patches created by professional sound engineers.
Monophonic and polyphonic modes: 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 voices.
Pitch bend range settings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 22, 24 semitones.
Extremely accurate simulation of the intrinsic characteristics of the oscillator mixer and VCA overdrive.
Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) for expressive performance using MPE-compatible controllers.
Complete MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls with easy to use MIDI training.
Preset and global MIDI mapping.
Cherry Audio’s famous Focus Zoom feature.
Highly optimized encoding for optimal performance with ultra-low CPU usage.
User configurable resampling control.

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