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Sines is a sensational and innovative original polyphonic synthesizer. Using four sinusoidal oscillators, Sines uses various waveforming techniques to transform these pure waveforms into infinitely variable and complex forms. Combined with its extensive modulation and effects capabilities, users can create a distinctive array of unique timbres, from sublime to sizzling.

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The power of four
Sines’ modern interface provides instant hands-on access to all sound parameters. It comes to life with backlit indicators, color and mini-oscilloscopes that provide instant visual feedback. The main controls of the sound design are grouped horizontally into bands, emphasizing its “four in all” nature: four LFOs, four oscillators, and four envelope generators. At the heart of each section are unique sine oscillator waveform controls: feedback, phase, width, shape, wavefold, and drive, as well as an auxiliary (octave down) oscillator and a super (octave up) oscillator. Phase modulation and gear ratio controls allow modulator/carrier configuration of the oscillators for 4-operator DX/FM-style synthesis.
But these dangerous turns are only the beginning. Sines is equipped with Cherry Audio’s most extensive multi-mode filter to date, four LFOs with 14 waveforms, four envelope generators, arpeggios, a selection of Cherry Audio’s best-of-the-best effects, a drift function, and a built-in eight-band graphic EQ. . Many controls include an adjacent modulation source button, and an extremely extensive four-slot mod matrix provides extensive modulation options for almost every Sines parameter.
Three ways to play –
Mastering Sines may seem like a daunting task, but we’ve made it easy to get started. Sines includes over 700 presets, both practical and advanced, as well as a detailed user manual that is fun to read. In addition, the sonic and visual immediacy of Sines encourages experimentation and provides a deeper understanding of how the elements interact. In a short time, users can create customized sounds ranging from gorgeous developing pads, vibrant FM placards, distinctive leads, crisp percussive tones, and more.
Sines lend themselves well to three more direct approaches to sound design: standard subtractive synthesis, where sine waves are converted to other familiar waveforms and then processed by an analog-style filter. On the other hand, the additive synthesis approach stacks sine waves with different pitches and amplitudes, like an overdriven Hammond organ. Finally, the oscillators can modulate each other in multiple configurations, mimicking the classic DX-style FM carrier and modulator architecture with much less effort than the original instruments from the 80s.
To engage users, Cherry Audio and Tim Shubridge teamed up again to create an introductory video to introduce users to Sines’ outstanding features and sound design strategies.
Sines Features
Four independent sine waveform generators with waveform controls to convert pure signals to other standard waveforms (sawtooth, square, pulse, triangular) and more complex and novel waveforms.
Six waveformer controls: feedback, phase, width, shape, wrinkle and drive, each with available modulation source assignments.
Sub-oscillator (one octave down sine wave) and super oscillator (one octave up sine wave) for each oscillator.
Generator helper function to copy/paste, randomize or reset any generator settings.
Glide (portamento) and keyboard (pitch) controls are enabled independently for each oscillator.
Up to 16-voice polyphony.
Polyphony (two modes), chord memory, one voice and unison with unison detuning.
Resonant multi-mode filter with 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB/octave low-pass, high-pass, band-pass or notch modes.
Four tempo-locked LFOs with 14 waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth, sawtooth, exponential sawtooth, logarithmic sawtooth, three-step sawtooth, four-step linear, exponential linear, logarithmic linear, three-step linear and four-step square random.
ADSR filter and amplifier envelope generators with speed controls.
Two additional auxiliary envelope generators that can be used as mod sources.
A four-slot modulation matrix allows almost every parameter to be modulated into sinusoids.
Arpeggiator with tempo sync.
Four fully modulated effect sections: several options for distortion and fragmentation of the sample; mod FX with phaser, chorus, flanger or rotary speaker; delay with stereo, ping-pong or tape delay modes; five reverb effects including our famous Galaxy Algorithm
Drift controls that additionally apply variations to oscillators and filter frequencies to add authentic analog character.
Eight-band graphic equalizer.
Channel pressure and polyphonic aftertouch as a source of polyphonic modulation.
Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)—pitch, channel pressure, and timbre—makes sines more organic and expressive when used with MPE-compatible controllers.
Cherry Audio’s popular focus zoom feature, as well as the standard drag and drop zoom and resize user interface.
Over 700 presets created by a talented and diverse group of sound design veterans.
Complete MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls with easy to use MIDI training.
Preset and global MIDI mapping.
Highly optimized encoding for optimal performance with ultra-low CPU usage.
User configurable resampling control.

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