Audio Assault – AA-551 Channel Strip v1.01

AudioAssault AA 551ChannelStrip -

If you’re looking for a high quality channel strip that will give your audio recordings the professional quality they deserve,
look no further than the AA-551 from Audio Assault!
This strip contains everything you need to get the most out of your recording, including preamp, EQ, compressor and more.
With superior sound quality and easy-to-use controls,
the AA-551 is the perfect choice for those serious about taking their audio recordings to the next level.

Main characteristics
Preamp Module
Want to add depth and richness to your tracks?
Try the saturation module with two different flavors to choose from.
Mix two rich flavors for more volume.
Need to get rid of some annoying frequencies?
The filters section is here to help! With just a few clicks, you can clean up your sound and make it shine.
Dynamics Module
Clear your tracks with Gate/Expander!
It’s perfect for getting rid of unwanted noise and giving your tracks a polished sound.
How about a compressor capable of handling powerful drums?
A soft knee compressor is what you need!
It’s great for giving your drums the punch they need without losing their power.
Equalizer module
Analogue equalizer emulation.
With the push of a button, you can easily switch between two different EQ emulations.
It’s a great choice for any situation
while still giving you the feel of working on an analog desk.
Adjustable Routing
Position the signal path the way that works best for you.
* “Analog Stereo”: simulates small differences between both channels on a real table.
* Multiple resampling options

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