Cinematique Instruments – Pandrum (KONTAKT)

Contact version 5.6.8+
The Pandrum is an exceptional, fantastic sounding instrument in a modern design. It is ultimately a very impressive reproduction of a real handpan, but it also offers the ability to tremendously expand and diversify the entire sound using numerous functions.
6 tools
We have collected high quality handpan tools such as Zephyr, Leaf, Pan Art, Camenzind, Orbi Pan and Tiflis. We also recorded a dedicated Zephyr percussion set as well as a hammer-played Orbi Drum set that sounds like steel drums.
Reed Drum There are two inspiring reed drums: the Aqua Drum and the long-playing RAV Vast.
18 frets The
Pandrum features 18 different frets. This gives you the opportunity to play authentic scales in addition to the usual chromatic keyboard scale. This option is ideal for using external controllers such as the Wavepan Controller, which has been specially designed for Pandrum and fits perfectly with it.
Detailed Sampling
All instruments and articulations were recorded in a very sophisticated way with eight round robins in 5 dynamic layers.
Instruments with 5 layers
You can mix or even play exclusively additional layer sounds, such as the great-sounding Gender – Gamelan vibraphone or atmospheric Felt Piano. Plus, inspiring guitars and a Sald Bowl are at your disposal.
Tone Shaping
Apart from the usual instruments such as envelope (attack, decay), there are EQ and filters, reverb, delay, and additional fx options such as cabinet, drive, tremolo or rotation. This is ideal for quickly changing and shaping the entire Pandrum sound.
6 Presets
In order to demonstrate the versatility and ability to create textures, 6 presets are available. Each of them denotes a different way of playing Pandrum.

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