Cinesamples – Drums Of War 1 (KONTAKT)

Cinesamples DrumsOfWar1 -

Cinesamples’ Drums Of War 1 is a percussion library designed specifically for epic film scoring. The sample library features a variety of powerful and aggressive percussion instruments, including taikos, toms, bass drums, and more, that can add depth and impact to any film score or trailer.

The samples were recorded at the legendary MGM Scoring Stage in Los Angeles, using high-end microphones and equipment, resulting in a sound that’s both pristine and powerful. The samples were also processed using analog gear to give them a warm and vintage character.

The library includes over 2500 samples, organized into 40 different instruments, with multiple velocity layers and round-robin variations. The instruments can be played individually or as ensembles, allowing for a wide range of percussion textures and patterns.

The library includes a range of articulations and playing styles, including rolls, flams, hits, and more, that can be triggered via MIDI or played manually using a MIDI controller. The samples are also tempo-synced, making it easy to create rhythmic patterns that match the tempo of your composition.

Cinesamples’ Drums Of War 1 is a powerful and versatile percussion library that’s perfect for composers and sound designers working in the epic film scoring genre. With its high-quality recordings, diverse range of instruments, and extensive articulations and playing styles, Drums Of War 1 is definitely worth checking out.

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