CraveDSP – Crave Transient EQ 1.0.2

The power of three equalizers
Crave Transient EQ is three powerful equalizers in one plugin that allows you to dynamically equalize the transient and stationary components of your audio in parallel:

Transient and Stationary Equalizer
Using a proprietary algorithm developed in-house, the sound is precisely separated into transient and stationary components, which you can control independently with the T/S control for each band. Much clearer details are revealed than just the appearance of percussion instruments. For example, on a vocal track, the stationary signal will contain all the smooth musical elements, while the transient signal will contain all the harsh, rapidly changing harmonic elements.

Dynamic Equalizer
There are four types of dynamic processing: downward compression, upward compression, downward expansion, and upward expansion. They effectively amplify or cut off quiet or loud parts of the signal. We’ve made it easy to understand by introducing the “Loud” and “Quiet” buttons. Loud means the band will turn on when the signal goes over the threshold. Silence means that the band will turn on when the signal is below the threshold. So, to boost only the quiet parts of your audio, add a regular EQ boost, hit Q, adjust the threshold, and you’re done!

Parallel EQ
Parallel filters interact much less than their cascaded counterparts, resulting in more transparent dynamics. Using the M/S and L/R buttons, you can precisely position the parallel filters in the stereo field. Our filtering technology is specifically designed to handle rapidly modulating parameters and signals for transparent dynamics and transient control.

High Resolution Spectrogram
The spectrogram allows you to distinguish low frequencies while maintaining accurate temporal resolution at high frequencies (even at maximum settings). Transients are highlighted in yellow for easy differentiation from stationary content. To view the spectrogram in full detail, open the analyzer menu and select the largest size.

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