Cymatics – 2022 Melody Collection + Bonuses (WAV)

What is the 2022 ringtone collection?
The focus of the 2022 Collection is modern, ready-to-place tunes – Trap, RnB, Drill and various loops that are so unique that they do not even fit into any genre.
In the 2022 collection you’ll find a plethora of inspiring melodies and vibes featuring over 150 loops including their tracked-out stems and MIDI. Inside there are 6 different style categories of tunes, giving you tons of variety to work with when creating your next big record.
Melody styles included:
The 2022 Collection also includes 3 exclusive bonus sample packs, the 2022 Mystery Sample Pack, a $50 Cymatics gift card, and a course showcasing some of the latest techniques our production team uses to creating melodic loops of industrial quality.

2022 Melody Collection 150 .WAV
1. Miami: Guitar Loops – 50 .WAV
2. Fiji: Hihat & Percussion Loops – 110 .WAV
3. Neon: MIDI Collection – 150 .MIDI
4. 2022 Melody Creation Course
5. 2022 Mystery Pack .WAV

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