Cytomic The Glue v1.7.0 for macOS

Cytomic The Glue Full Version for Mac OS. The Glue is an analog model compressor plug-in based on the classic British big console bus compressor of the 80s with some handy extra features. 

Overview of The Glue

The Glue compressor operates smoothly and transparently because it uses the same high-quality algorithms found in circuit simulators, but optimized for fast operation. In addition to the usual compressor controls, it features treble mix/range/sidechain controls, external sidechain support, peak clamping, and advanced oversampling.

Additions include an ultra-fast attack time of up to 0.01 mS and a range control that reduces the amount of compression to give incredibly natural-sounding attacks and limits the maximum amount of compression applied. Also included is external sidechain support and an adjustable sidechain high-pass filter.

Features of The Glue

  • Accurate analog model of the SSL 4000 bus compressor for that iconic 80s sound.
  • Ultra-fast response time, cranking down to an impressive 0.01 ms.
  • Range control gives you the freedom to adjust the maximum compression applied for natural-sounding attacks.
  • Peak clamp tackles those harsh transients with optional intensity.
  • External sidechain support opens up new creative possibilities.
  • Adjustable sidechain high-pass filter for fine-tuning your compression.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: v1.7.0
  • Developer: Cytomic
  • Interface language: English
  • Platform: Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
  • System requirements: macOS 10.13 or later
  • Download Size: 15.1 MB

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