Dark Intervals – SMOOTH GUITARS Vol. 2

If you’re on the hunt for the quintessential old-school funk guitar rhythms and phrases, look no further! Smooth Guitars Vol 2 is your ticket to infusing your music with that irresistibly groovy funk vibe. These electric guitar-based instrument patches, packed with retro funk guitar loops and licks, are here to elevate your compositions.

Your Funky Toolkit for Instant Inspiration

Smooth Guitars Vol 2 is not your run-of-the-mill sampled guitar library with endless articulations. It’s a dynamic tool designed with composers in mind, offering an array of ready-to-use loops, licks, and phrases to fuel your creativity. With tempo-synced loops and licks, you’ll effortlessly groove to the beat of your DAW.

An Assortment of Groovy Offerings

Phrases and loops in Smooth Guitars Vol 2 are pre-recorded in three distinct keys: A, C, and E. These grooves predominantly follow the pentatonic scale, with a few delightful exceptions in patches 7 and 8, featuring combinations of major, minor, and dominant scales.

Guitar Lineup

Behind these soulful sounds are two exceptional guitars:

  • Patches 1-6: El Diablo Custom Shop Stratocaster
  • Patches 7-8: Original 1968 Gibson 335

Smooth Guitars Vol 1

For those who’ve embarked on their funk journey with Smooth Guitars Vol 1, you can effortlessly combine these collections to expand your creative horizons.

Funky Goodness

Smooth Guitars Vol 2 offers eight instrument patches, each tailored to serve your creative needs:

  1. Licks – Dry
  2. Licks – Wah
  3. Loops 1 – Dry
  4. Loops 1 – Wah
  5. Loops 2 – Dry
  6. Loops 2 – Wah
  7. Loops 3 – 335
  8. Loops 4 – 335

Groove to the Beat

Patches 1-6 are designed to groove at 110 BPM, while patches 7-8 bring the funk at 90 BPM. And when you use these patches in Kontakt, everything syncs seamlessly to your host tempo.

Royalty-Free Funk

Enjoy the freedom to create without constraints. All loops and licks in Smooth Guitars Vol 2 are royalty-free, so your creative journey remains unburdened by licensing concerns.

Product Information

  • 252 samples
  • 48000 kHz, 24-bit quality
  • Includes 320 kbps MP3 versions
  • Unzipped size: 830 MB (including WAV/MP3 folder)
  • Features 8 Kontakt patches + sample pack

Groove to the Sound of Smooth Guitars Vol 2

Don’t miss your chance to infuse your music with the timeless, infectious funk of Smooth Guitars Vol 2. With its versatile instrument patches and tempo-synced grooves, you’ll be creating funky, soulful compositions that get everyone moving to the beat. Dive into the groove and elevate your music today!

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