Denise Audio – Bad Tape 2 v1.0.0

Bad Tape is one of Denise’s most popular plugins and focuses on recreating tape artifacts in a controlled manner: tape stops, slight slowdowns and speedups, lots of ways to get out of line and out of the grid. Now Denise wanted to take Bad Tape to the next level, giving you more effects and a new level of flexibility to shape the degradation of your tape sound. Things get even worse with Bad Tape 2!
Add. Info :
The detune is perhaps the most loved feature of Bad Tape by both our users and ourselves, and with this new version we wanted to take it to the next level. We’ve added the ability to individually control the rewind and detune release times. Work off the grid, or sync it to the host’s BPM if you like. Recreate the sound of a (slightly) broken tape recorder, cassette player, or the nostalgic atmosphere of your old player.

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