DJ Swivel – Click Boom v1.0

Click Boom is an incredibly powerful transient shaper that gives you independent control over both high “clicky” transients and low “boom” transients in your sounds. Clever name, right? Click Boom was designed with producers in mind, with a simple user interface and producer-focused features to really help you shape the tone and dynamics of your drums, guitars, basses and final mixes!

Main characteristics
Click :
The Click algorithm focuses on shorter, higher frequency transients ideal for making your mix more punchy.
Boom :
The Boom algorithm focuses on longer, lower frequency transients, perfect for emphasizing drums and bass.
Maximum Control :
Each independent transient algorithm has tremendous control over the length, saturation, sensitivity, and color of the transients.
Tail :
The Tail function allows you to both increase and decrease all parts of the audio signal that are not transient, allowing you to completely change the dynamics of your sound.
” Transient amplification
” Length.
” Sensitivity.
” Transient filter.
” Tail.
” Clip.
” Exit preset menu.

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