DJ Swivel – The Sauce 1.2.1 VST3, AAX x64

DJ Swivel’s The Sauce is a unique plugin that has been gaining popularity among music producers and mixing engineers since its release in 2020. It is a software effect that can be used to add character and flavor to individual tracks, busses, and even the entire mix.

At its core, The Sauce is a distortion and saturation plugin that emulates the sound and behavior of analog gear, such as tape machines, tube preamps, and analog consoles. However, what sets it apart from other saturation plugins is the range of creative and experimental features it offers.

“Heat” knob can be used to dial in different levels of distortion and saturation, from subtle warmth and harmonics to full-on fuzz and grit. The Heat knob can also be modulated by various sources, including envelopes, LFOs, and the mod wheel, to create dynamic and evolving effects.

Unique feature of The Sauce is its “Shape” knob, which can be used to control the harmonic content of the distortion. The Shape knob offers a range of different modes, including odd and even harmonics, as well as a “random” mode that creates unpredictable and chaotic harmonics.

Its distortion and saturation capabilities, The Sauce also includes a range of creative effects, such as a stereo widener, a frequency shifter, and a pitch shifter. These effects can be used to add movement, depth, and interest to the sound, and can be controlled with various modulation sources.

One of the most interesting features of The Sauce is its “Rhythm” section, which allows users to sync the distortion and effects to the rhythm of the track. The Rhythm section features a built-in sequencer and can be used to create complex and evolving patterns and rhythms that sync perfectly with the music.

DJ Swivel’s The Sauce is a versatile and creative plugin that offers a wide range of distortion, saturation, and creative effects. Its unique features, such as the Heat, Shape, and Rhythm knobs, make it a valuable tool for music producers and mixing engineers who are looking to add character and flavor to their tracks and mixes. If you’re looking to add some creative and experimental effects to your productions, The Sauce is definitely worth checking out.

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