Focusrite Fast-Limiter v1.0.0

FocusriteFast Limiter -

Perfect your tracks and create release-ready music with FAST Limiter – a powerful artificial intelligence plug-in brings your tracks to the finish line and helps you create music .
Perfect your tracks and create release-ready music with FAST Limiter, a powerful AI plugin that forces you to create. Use artificial intelligence to get a solid foundation, then dive deeper to enhance the mix by adjusting gain, saturation, and resonance.
FAST mode easily delivers the best sound, while AI does the hard work and sets parameters unique to your track’s characteristics. Be in the creative flow and quickly adjust Bass, Resonances, Saturation and Transients to get the most out of your mastering experience.
The detail view shows all FAST Limiter controls. Use powerful AI to get a solid foundation and go to settings like gain, limit and speed to adjust the limiter and output volume.
Recreate the sonic characteristics of your favorite tracks with master mastering and adjust the parameters in the detailed view to achieve the sound you want.
Choose from three unique flavors – modern, neutral or aggressive – to instantly change the FAST Limiter’s impact on your track’s sound.
FAST Limiter’s unique and intuitive graphical visualizer means you’ll see how the plug-in shapes your sound in real time. Make quick and informed decisions to create professional results that are ready to be heard by the world.

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