Revealed Recordings – The Sounds Of Revealed Vol. 2

RevealedRecordings TheSoundsOfRevealedVol.2 -

Open volume sounds. 2 is a collection of 5245 samples and 320 presets designed to give you the ability to play existing and future Revealed tracks.
This is the next step in a new journey of creating the highest quality sounds in the most advanced Big Room and Progressive sample library to date.
Sounds of an open volume. 2 is a diverse library with 100 different categories of professional instruments and sound designs. Whether you’re looking for Kicks, Glitch Fills, Hardstyle FX,
Percussion, Drop Stabs, Shepard Tones, Didgeridoo Loops, Cyborg Kicks, Rave Loops, Tonal Risers, or a diverse selection of inspiring presets, you’ve got it all and more!
And to speed up your workflow, all samples are labeled with their root key if a discernible pitch has been determined.
Sounds of an open volume. 2 comes with three exclusive Revealed Signature Soundsets for Serum Sylenth1 and Spire.
These presets have been designed with playability and ease of use in mind. Each preset has Modwheel controls assigned, and in addition, each of the Serum and
Spire presets has all 4 Macro controls assigned, which we really think will make your music richer and easier to create than ever.
Cleanly crafted with the latest trends in Revealed releases, The Sounds Of Revealed Vol. 2 is an immersive library designed
to capture the true sound of Revealed – from existing anthems to future ones. Now you have all the tools and the ability to choose from a variety of original and advanced sounds
used by the Revealed artists themselves.
Open yourself.

Claps [205 samples]
Snaps [25 samples]
Trap Claps [40 samples]
Closed Hihats [100 samples]
Crash FX [65 samples]
Crashes [100 samples]
Gongs [15 samples]
Open Hihats [100 samples]
Reverse Crash [100 samples]
Rides [100 samples]
Drop Stabs [50 samples]
Orchestral Stabs [25 samples]
Vocal Drop Stabs [10 samples]
Alarms (128 BPM) [25 samples]
AtmosDrones [10 samples]
Breaths [20 samples]
Chime FX [15 samples]
Clocks (128 BPM) [20 samples]
Downlifters [90 samples]
Futuristic FX [40 samples]
Hall Kicks [75 Hoovers [10 samples
Impacts [50 samples]
Lazers [10 samples]
Noise [10 samples]
Radio Transmissions [50 samples]
Reverse FX [15 samples]
Scratches [50 samples]
SFX [85 samples]
Shepard Tones [50 samples]
Stinger Gates [25 samples]
Sub Drops [40 samples]
Uplifters [95 samples]
WarHorns [10 samples]
Water Drops [50 samples]
Wind Ups [10 samples]
Drum Buildups (128 BPM) [10 samples]
Drum Fills (128 BPM) [50 samples]
Glitch Fills (128 BPM) [50 samples]
Hardstyle Fills (128 BPM) [10 samples]
LFO Fills (128 BPM) [20 samples ]
Synth Pitch Slides (128 BPM) [80 samples]
808 Kicks [50 samples]
Cyborg Kicks [10 samples]
Festival Kicks [35 samples]
Hardstyle Kicks [50 samples]
HipHop Kicks [25 samples]
Kicks [25 samples]
Psy Kicks [50 samples]
Stomp Kicks [5 samples]
Sub Kicks [25 samples]
Transient Kicks [100 samples]
Arp Loops (128 BPM) [120 samples]
Bass Pulse Loops (128 BPM) [25 samples]
Brass Loops (128 BPM) [50 samples]
Clap Loops (128 BPM) [10 samples]
Didgeridoo Loops (128 BPM) [10 samples]
FX Loops (128 BPM) [15 samples]
Glitch Loops (128 BPM) [75 samples]
Marimba Loops (128 BPM) [25 samples]
Metal Guitar Riff Loops (128 BPM) [25 samples]
Music Box Loops (128 BPM ) ) [25 samples]
Percussion Loops (128 BPM) [15 samples]
Rave Loops (128 BPM) [100 samples]
Rhode Loops (128 BPM) [25 samples]
Riff Loops (128 BPM) [25 samples]
Shaker Loops (128 BPM ) [50 samples]
Bongos [25 samples]
Clave [25 samples]
Congas [50 samples]
Cowbells [40 samples]
Dhols [20 samples]
Percussion [100 samples]
Rainsticks [20 samples]
Rimshots [50 samples]
Shakers [140 samples]
Tablas [30 samples ]
Taikos [15 samples]
Tambourines [40 samples]
Timpani [35 samples]
High Toms [25 samples]
Pitchy Toms [20 samples]
Toms [200 samples]
Triangle [25 samples]
Whistles [25 samples]
Acoustic Snares [10 samples]
Big Snares [25 samples]
Gemstone Snares [10 samples]
Reggaeton Snares [40 samples]
Snares [60 samples]
Tight Snares [10 samples]
Trap Snares [100 samples]
Acid Shots [30 samples]
Bass Shots [250 samples]
Chord Shots [75 samples]
Pluck Shots [200 samples]
Sub Bass Shots [30 samples]
Synth Shots [135 samples]
Talking Bass Shots [45 samples]
LFO Risers [60 samples]
Synth Risers [100 samples]
VOCAL SHOTS [50 samples]
SERUM SOUNDSET 64 presets for Serum
SPIRE SOUNDSET 128 presets for Spire
SYLENTH1 SOUNDSET 128 presets for Sylenth1
5245 samples, 320 presets

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