Fuse Audio Labs – VCS-1 v1.0.1 (WIN/OSX)

Universal mixing strip.
If there is only one plug-in that can be used on a desert island, it is VCS-1. This zero-latency console channel brings together all the tools you need to instantly improve signal and control dynamics! Complexity remains under the hood as the user interface is based on an overarching, practical layout that supports a fast workflow and is pleasing to the eye.
The VCS-1 shapes your tones with a triple topology preamp offering a variety of color styles, wide-band high / low pass filters and a full parametric 5-band equalizer. The dynamics are controlled by a luxurious compressor / limiter section and a very practical gate / expander, clearly visualized with a comprehensive gain reduction and level metering panel.
Individual processing sections are complemented by highly flexible routing options. Filters and EQ can operate in stereo or mid / side mode, while the compressor side chain can use filters, EQ and external control signals. An additional mixing stage allows parallel compression, and each individual section of the VCS-1 can be bypassed individually.
The VCS-1’s immense processing power is complemented by the ability to assign individual plug-in instances to virtual teams that share the same parameters throughout the entire DAW, saving you a ton of time and effort. So, if you are looking for one plug-in for shaping and processing all your signals, groups and buses in the most convenient way, VCS-1 is it!

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