FXpansion – Strobe2 v2.6.1.7

Strobe is a subtraive synthesizer in analog style. Originally part of the Fxpansion DCAM: Synth Squad package, it is now an independent plugin.
Strobe2 offers an updated arpeggiator, advanced modulation capabilities, preset morphing, randomization and a scalable vector interface designed for Retina and 4K displays.
The functionality is inherited from its predecessor and includes a “super-oscillator” with the ability to overlay, finely adjust and synchronize, a volume-controlled amplifier (VCA) with “tube” saturation, a TransMod modulation system and a powerful multi-mode filter.
Strobe2 programming is basically simple, especially since there are 900 presets – so that you have an idea of its capabilities. Sounds range from classic to futuristic.

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