GetGood Drums GGD Studio Cabs Bundle

The complete Cabs (FX) series from GetGood Drums.

Cali Oversized Edition v1.5.13
A deep dive into the legendary studio instrument of our time, known for its smooth top end, rich midrange and tight bottom end. It’s the perfect booth for heavily distorted guitar tones. Using a carefully selected set of microphones and speakers, we have collected all these sounds in an intuitive design that allows you to instantly change the color and freely mix, combine and match tones to create your unique palette of sounds.
Contenders Round v1.5.21
A collection of eight incredible, huge-sounding 4×12 cabinets, each renowned for its unique recording characteristics. Cabinets The Contenders Vol. 1 has several different speaker types, each with an amazing and distinctive sound that can change the tone of your guitar, and offer endless possibilities for creating new sounds by combining different cabinet and microphone options.
Goldstack Edition v1.5.13
A collection of amazing-sounding historical and modern examples of rock’s most revered cabinet/speaker combination – the classic British “greenback” 4×12 with M-magnetic drivers. Known for its articulate, resonant and engaging sound, this cab and speaker combination can sound silky, lush, vocal or crushingly heavy depending on the era and recording methods used. Goldstack gives you access to museum-quality vintage examples and polished-sounding modern reproductionston explore their sonic heritage for yourself.
Zilla Edition v1.5.13
Extracting the best sounds from the Zilla line of cabinets using carefully selected microphones and speakers, we’ve distilled all of those sounds into an intuitive design that lets you instantly change colors and freely mix, match, and match tones to create your unique palette of sounds.
  • Download GetGood Drums – GGD Studio Cabs Bundle SAL, VST3, AAX x64 [30.06.2024]
  • Original Publisher: GetGood Drums
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Require: WIN 7+
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 72.9 MB

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