Ghost Syndicate – Waves (WAV)

GhostSyndicate Waves -

In this collection of samples, we will push you to explore the hidden depths of grime, as well as some of the neighboring underground bass music genres such as Wave, Dubstep, Future Garage and Deep Trap. Let yourself escape from the abandoned squats and dilapidated ghetto quarters. The energy of this pack is otherworldly in nature and filled with colors not normally seen in these gloomy areas at night. Get ready for a long voyage through the atmospheric abyss, where streams of heavy bass lines wrap in enigmatic atmospheres and are interspersed with foreboding synth arpeggios. All of this, backed by a solid rhythm section with fat and groove percussion and relentless kicks and snares, creates a truly unique master class that is designed to push the boundaries of your production,

Size 532 mb
BPM 120/135/140
Atmosphere Loops 21
Bass Loops 24
Drum Loops 24
Hat Loops 24
Top Loops 24
Percussion Loops 24
Kick & Snare/Clap Loops 24
Synth Loops 25
Kicks 22
Snares/ Claps 26
Percussion Hits 28
Hats 28
Fxs 10


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