Ghosthack Sounds – Ghosthack – Slap House Essentials (MIDI, WAV)

Ghosthack Slap House Essentials – Take this hot collection of melodic arps, atmospheric synths, punchy basslines, irresistibly creative vocals and pulsing grooves. It’s a sound that’s spreading like crazy, and we’re giving you everything you need to start creating chart-topping tracks today.

Ghosthack Slap House Essentials features:
One Shots
20 Bass Shots
120 Drum Shots (Claps, Hi-Hats, Kicks, Percussion, Rides, Snares)
10 Downlifters
10 Uplifters
20 Synth Shots
20 Vocal Shots
20 Arp Loops
40 Bass Loops
30 Drum Loops (STEM separated)
20 Drum Rolls
30 Synth Loops
20 Vocal Loops (Wet & Dry Option)
90 MIDI (Arp, Bass, Synth Loops)
10 Serum Presets (Bass, Pluck, Synth)
Additional Information
No body can resist this call to the dance floor.
The sound of 2021 has arrived in the form of our very own razor sharp, bass-focused Slap House Essentials! Grab this hot collection of melodic arps, atmospheric synths, edgy basslines, irresistibly creative vocal chops and throbbing grooves. It’s the sound that’s spreading like crazy and we’re giving you everything you need to start producing chart-topping tracks today.
Beyond the heaps of inspiring loops, across all the usual categories, you will also find one shots, Serum synth presets and MIDI clips to set them all free in your own creations. It’s easy to modify or expand upon what’s already provided, so you can focus more of your time exploring your creative ideas instead of searching.
Land yourself right in the middle of the Slap House scene while it’s exploding and become a part of the future movement as it’s getting really good. Slap House Essentials will help you drive the party through the night and into the next era of House music.

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