GRM – Tools Complete II v3. 10.0 STANDALONE , VST, VST3, AAX x64

GRM ToolsCompleteII

Four sets of GRM tools in one package.
The Complete GRM Instrument Collection is an unrivaled set of 18 amazing plugins that have been used by the most famous composers and sound engineers around the world.
Each GRM Tools plugin offers powerful and unique audio conversion and audio processing features.
Conceived and created by the GRM Group (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) of the renowned National Audiovisual Institute of Paris (France), GRM Tools Complete is the result of years of research, experimentation and development.
The GRM Tool Collection contains 18 AAX, RTAS, VST and Audio Unit plug-ins and can also be used as standalone applications.
Pack Spectral Transformation Pack
Pack Spaces Pack
The GRM Tools Evolution kit includes:
– Evolution
Evolution is used to obtain continuous tone evolution by sampling the input signal frequently.
– Fusion
Fusion modifies the sound by playing with delays, filter shifts and frequent slips.
– Grinder
Grinder is used to degrade sound by freezing its frequency or time changes, as well as by changing its spectral resolution. It also allows for incredible vocoder effects.
GRM Tools ST contains :
Contrast : independent modification of three groups of frequency components depending on the strength of their amplitudes.
Equalize : 31 band graphic equalizer.
FreqWarp : Transform your sound by changing its frequency components in a totally free and creative way.
FreqShift : Transforms the sound with any combination of frequency scaling or frequency shift.
GRM Tools Classic contains:
Comb Filters : Five parallel high-Q comb filters
Delays : Up to 128
Doppler modulation delays : Move sounds with pitch change to match their movement.
Band Pass : A bandpass or notch filter with exceptionally steep slopes.
Freeze : Temporary freeze from loops.
Shuffling : Shuffling sound clips temporarily.
Pitch Accum : Two independent transposers with delays and modulation
Reson : Up to 128 resonant high, low or band pass filters
GRM Tools Spaces is a powerful tool that allows you to position and move a multi-channel source (from 1 to 32 channels) in a multi-channel space (from 2 (stereo) to 32 channels). It has a user-friendly graphical interface that shows the location and intensity of sources as they move through a multichannel project.
Spaces also includes three other interesting modules that enhance the positioning of your sources in the sound field: SpaceGrain , SpaceFilter and Spaces3D .
Spaces3D allows you to navigate around a multi-channel audio source (from 1 to 64 channels) in a multi-channel space (from 1 to 64 channels) in three dimensions. The movement can be free, random, or follow user defined paths.
SpaceGrain allows you to generate up to 100 “grains” and place them in a multi-channel sound space. This gives you 100 points where your sounds are randomly distributed from point to point. Each grain provides a monosite for the sources to be heard. The input channels (up to 8) are randomly assigned to the grains. You can add delay and feedback to create extremely creative effects.
SpaceFilter is used for spatial signal processing using 4 independent frequency bands that you can set. The input signal spectrum is divided into 4 independent bands where you select the center frequency and the bandwidth to which you can apply the delay and feedback. The output of each filter can be positioned individually in a multi-channel space (up to 32 channels can be used). You can separate the different frequency elements of your source and have different resonances fly between the speakers according to the tempo if you like. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with Spacefilter.

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