Heavyocity – Damage Drum Kit (KONTAKT)

Drum Library

Additional Information
– 23,840 Samples
– Full Drum Kit (clean and hyped versions) – 2 Kick Drums, 3 Snares, 4 Toms, Hi-Hat, 7 Cymbals, Stick Clicks, Cowbell
– 120 different drum articulations
– 60 Custom-Designed Presets
– 3 Unique Engines:
Kit Designer
– 16-voice Drum Kit layout for quick and easy groove creation
– 25 Custom-designed Kits
– Intuitive browser to load in sound sources to each key
– Independent FX chains for every voice – add compression, reverb, saturation , and more to each of the 16 voices
Ensemble Designer
– Intuitive Browser to load in 120+ sources in octave banks and individual sounds
– Instant 3D positioning with updated Stage
– Five discrete mic positions (Close, Room, Hall, LFE, and analog CRUSH)
– Create realistic patterns, rolls, crescendos, and more with custom MIDI Performance Tool
– Redesigned Punish Knob with three unique flavors (Gently Now, Hurt Me Plenty, Nightmare)
– Customizable Master FX chain
Loop Designer
– 288 Loops: 144 Straight (36 with 4 stems) +144 Triplet (36 with 4 stems)
– Add modulation and effects to individual loops via Unique Send FX layer

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