Heckmann Audio – U-He All Plugins (WIN/OSX)

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We have been developing synthesizers and effects since 2001. Our plugins are not only fun to use, but also have more than enough depth to satisfy the most discerning musicians, composers and producers.
Our products are a labor of love and it shows. We ourselves create the software that we would like to use.
u-he ACE 1.4.2 (revision 12092)
u-he Bazille 1.1.2 (revision 12092)
u-he Color Copy 1.0.1 (revision 12092)
u-he Diva 1.4.5 (revision 12092)
u-he Hive 2 2.1.1 (revision 12092)
u-he MFM2 2.5 (revision 13385)
u-he Presswerk 1.1.5 (revision 12092)
u-he Repro 1.1.2 (revision 12092)
u-he Satin 1.3.2 (revision 12092)
u -he Twangström 1.0.1 (revision 12092)
u-he Uhbik 1.3.1 (revision 3898)
u-he Zebra2 Legacy 2.9.3 (revision 12092)

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