Hertz Instruments HERTZ DRUMS v2.0.6 (Incl. WHITE Pack Library v2.1.0)

After two years of refining what was already one of the most comprehensive virtual drum products on the market, we’re proud to bring you Hertz Drums 2 – loaded with great features as always.

VIRTUAL DRUM WITH SAMPLER 1560 MIDI GROOVES Mini Pack (sound set of 10 pieces). Complete drum sounds, ready to use, organized into convenient presets.
Features and Specifications
  • Selection of 3 DI microphones.
  • Thousands of samples, the ability to “humanize” playing with the left and right hands, which gives the feeling of playing a real drummer.
  • Drum sampler function – loading your own samples into each channel of the instrument.
  • 3 operating modes – low, medium and high – allow you to maximize the potential of your PC.
  • Additional SUB microphone for bass drums and toms, allowing for more precise bass shaping.
  • Humanize button, which gives drums an extra human touch, even if you’re working with your own custom samples.
  • A 20-piece drum kit recorded on a Neve console.
  • FX samples for additional customization.
  • Accurate and intuitive envelope shaper (ADSR) available for each instrument or individual microphone.
  • More than 1560 midi grooves in various genres, performed by world-class drummers.
    ✓ Easy access to ool groups.
  • Unique Reverse button that plays the selected drum sample in reverse.
  • Flip button that flips the stereo image (left/right), allowing you to choose between the drummer’s and the audience’s point of view.
  • Follow switch, allowing you to adjust the stereo placement either for the DI drum alone, or along with its Overhead, Room and Reverb outputs:
  • Ambience panel for fine-tuning the proportion between Room and Reverb for each individual instrument.
  • Groove browser, in which all loops are divided into 4 categories – Intros, Main beats, Outros and Fills, located from left to right in descending order of game intensity.
  • Sample browser where you can listen to samples of each instrument, as well as 3 types of microphones.
  • Midi-mapping page, where you can freely assign midi notes to each of the 8 possible articulations for each part of the kit, and also independently adjust the volume of each articulation.
  • Intuitive interface, quick access to all program functions.
  • And many many others!
About WHITE Pack v2.0

This is an expansion pack for Hertz Drums and to use this pack you must have Hertz Drums 2 installed. Do you love metal? Or just feel like your music lacks punch in the drum department? Whatever your style, WHITE Pack will glue your entire mix together, making it sound cohesive and convincingly tight. 

The main tom shells in this drum kit were sampled from the famous American maple. Balanced highs and mids with a touch of warmth in the lows, the Hertz Drums WHITE Pack is what your mix deserves!

  • Big Studio
  • Bright Impact
  • Deep Pulse
  • Drumscape
  • Eureka!
  • Forceful Blow
  • Metal
  • Modern
  • Progressive Metal
  • Rock Metal
  • Rock
  • Smack Kit
  • Subterranean Sword
  • Underground Vibe
  • Vast Room
  • Vibe Alloy
  • Download Hertz Instruments – HERTZ DRUMS v2.0.6 (Incl. WHITE Pack Library v2.1.0) SAL, VST3i, AAX x64 [16.05.2024]
  • Original Publisher: Hertz Instruments
  • Version: 2.0.6
  • Format: VST3i, AAX, Standalone
  • Category: Virtual instruments and synthesizers
  • Require: Windows 7+
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 1.26 GB

7 Comments on “Hertz Instruments HERTZ DRUMS v2.0.6 (Incl. WHITE Pack Library v2.1.0)”

    1. In ProgramData Hertz folder, you need to edit the info.hdinfo file. Add this between the activation value and the info. :

      At folder location you must specify the location of the White folder. You need to puzzle a bit.

  1. Or , the easiest is to delete it. Go to: C:\ProgramData\Hertz Instruments\Hertz Drums\info.hdinfo. Delete info.hdinfo (file). Open your DAW and launch the plugin. Then add the library.

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