HoRNet – SongKey MKIII v3.0.2

HoRNet SongKeyMKIII - audiostorrent.com

HoRNet SongKey MK3 is a brand new third version of our key finder plugin, but it does not perform simple key recognition, it is also capable of detecting the chord and tempo of a song. We thought it would be nice to add a MIDI input (so you can detect the chords and keys of midi tracks) and a MIDI output for recognized chords so you can record them and edit the track for your own needs.
The SongKey is very useful in situations where you don’t have an instrument handy to find the key to the song you’re working on, or if you’re a DJ and want to mash but you don’t know what key the song is in. The chord detection feature gives you an idea of ​​the chord progression in a song so you can better design your basslines and pads.
Add. Information : AI-based identification of keys based on artificial intelligence that follow key changes
Real-time audio and MIDI chord detection Confidence
display for each found key
Chromatogram of keys and chords showing each note level
Sample mode for analyzing short sounds Real-time MIDI
tempo detection
output of detected chords
Sharp and flat symbol
Changeable vector graphic

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