ILIO – Hot Steel Blues (WAV)

Following in the footsteps of our legendary Fingerstyles guitar library, Hot Steel Blues unleashes the blues’ soulful attitude with low, greasy riffs played by legendary guitarist Terry Robb (Steve Miller) , Buddy Guy, John Fahey) and produced by Dan Portis-Cathers. Fingerstyles, Heart of Africa).

You’ll find over 800 phrases divided into patterns, melodies, and endings, and organized into constructors that can be assembled and mixed to create complete, seamless tracks. Both “connected” and “disconnected” styles run through the entire blues genre, from Waters to Clapton.
These high quality riffs and phrases were recorded using top quality microphones and preamps. Both acoustic and electric guitars are on display, including the Martin 000-28, 1920s Weissenborn slide, Gibson B25 vertical slide, Laguna L-29, Fender Duo Sonic and Fender Stratocaster. Both solid state and tube amps were used to achieve a classic, fat and furious sound. This combined with Robb’s incredibly tasty playing makes Hot Steel Blues the most authentic and musical blues guitar library to date!

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Hot Steel Blues contains over 800 phrases divided into patterns, melodies and endings combined into constructors that can be assembled and mixed to create complete whole songs.

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