Imaginando – Imaginando FRMS Granular Synth v1.8.0

Imaginando ImaginandoFRMSGranularSynth -

FRMS is a versatile granular synthesizer that combines granular synthesis with FM synthesis in a flexible way using a layer system .
From ultra-dense ambient drones to mechanical glitch sounds, turn simple sounds into complex evolving soundscapes with up to 4 layers , synthesizing them in various combinations.

  1. 3 synth engines
  2. 4 layers per voice
  3. 8 FM algorithms
  4. Up to 20 “grains” per layer
  5. Two envelopes per layer
  6. 8-voice polyphony
  7. Arpeggiator with 5 modes of operation
  8. MPE Compatibility
  9. 4 shared LFOs
  10. Separate modulation matrix for each layer

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