Imaginando – K7D v1.3.0 VST, AAX x64

Imaginando K7D -

Immerse your audio in the warm, rich tape delay goodness of yesteryears with the K7D Vintage Tape Delay plugin. Created by Imaginando, this powerful and affordable plugin faithfully recreates the iconic hardware echo machines of the past. It boasts Imaginando’s signature haunting analog emulation, delivering an authentic vintage sound with enhanced control through a sleek, modern interface.

K7D provides an enticing blend of analog warmth and character while offering an array of creative possibilities for sound manipulation. To achieve its distinctive analog sound, the plugin meticulously emulates every detail that makes classic hardware delays iconic.

Key Features:

  1. Analog Dual-Head Delay: K7D offers a versatile delay range from 1 ms to 1 s. It incorporates noise, tape distortion, and mechanical vibration models, ensuring your audio retains that authentic vintage charm.

  2. Pre-Amp Saturation: The plugin features an input with pre-amp saturation, along with optimized gain cascading and saturation algorithms. These musical enhancements deliver exceptional sonic results.

  3. Flexible Modes: Switch between normal and ping-pong modes, adapting the delay behavior to your creative needs.

  4. Stereo Width Control: Fine-tune your sound by distributing the delay time between the heads and adjusting the stereo base width.

  5. Filter Options: Shape your audio with high and low pass filters integrated into the feedback path.

  6. Bipolar LFO Modulation: Harness the power of bipolar LFO time modulation with multiple waveforms, including sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, sample and hold, and filtered sample and hold. You can also invert the LFO phase on the second playback head, adding captivating stereo imaging to your sound.

  7. BPM Sync: Synchronize delay time with your project’s BPM and modulate the delay time using incoming MIDI notes.

  8. Visual Feedback: Stay in control with an oscilloscope visualization that provides insights into audio and LFO signals.


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