Infected Sounds – Mini Synth Bundle

A collection of 15 synthesizers from Infected Sounds, designed to take up less space on your disk, but at the same time make a huge contribution to your production.

It’s made for all kinds of sounds like bass, leads, pads and plucks, and synths come with presets to create the best sounds for you.
Just enjoy and start creating your own sounds.

Included plugins
❖ 3x Deluxe Pro v2.0.0 : Inspired by FL Studio 3xx Osc.
❖ 3xotic v2.0.0 : Hybrid synthesizer.
❖ Brut4l v1.0.0 : Inspired by the Minimoog Synth.
❖ H4des v2.0.0 : Large hybrid synthesizer.
❖ Littl3-V v1.0.0 : Inspired by the Novation V-Station Synth.
❖ MG Deluxe v2.0.0 : Inspired by the Minimoog Synth.
❖ OB Deluxe v2.0.0 : Inspired by the Oberheim Synth.
❖ Pers3us v2.0.0 : Large hybrid synth.
❖ Pro Deluxe v2.0.0 : Inspired by Prophet Synth.
❖R3bel v1.0.0 : Large hybrid synth.
❖ S1 Deluxe v2.0.0 : Inspired by Synth1 and Nord Lead Synth.
❖ Sim Deluxe v1.0.0 : Inspired by FL Studio’s SimmSynth & 3x Osc.
❖ Skyl4r v2.0.0 :- Large hybrid synth.
❖ Viral Deluxe v2.0.0 : Inspired by the famous Access Virus Synth.
❖ X-V4dor v2.0.0 : Hybrid synthesizer.

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