Slate Digital – VerbSuite Classics v1.1.5.0

Reverb is perhaps the most fundamental effect in audio production. Several classic digital reverbs have become staples for professional mixing engineers over the past few decades, and VerbSuite Classics brings you ALL of them.

VerbSuite Classics is a partnership with LiquidSonics and uses proprietary FUSION IR processing to capture the changing and modulating characteristics of a hardware reverb modeled tone. In a blind comparison, users could not tell the difference between a real hardware reverb patch and a VerbSuite capture.

3 Comments on “Slate Digital – VerbSuite Classics v1.1.5.0”

  1. Any chance to get a torrnt file for ” slate-digital-verbsuite-classics-impulse-responses-v2020-r2r ” ?

    Without IRs, the plugin alone is useless .

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