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Neutron 4 is here to transform your mixing experience, making it smarter and faster while ensuring you stay in your creative flow. With the power of AI assistive technology, this plugin bundle combines eight robust tools to provide you with a modern and intelligent mixing solution.

Why Neutron 4?

  • Work Faster and Smarter: Neutron 4’s Assistant view takes center stage, immediately suggesting a target level and offering an adjustable starting point. It’s like having a mixing assistant that understands your goals.

  • Stay in Your Flow: Neutron seamlessly integrates mixing into your creative flow, so you can make impactful changes without breaking your creative momentum.

  • Get Creative: Explore new sonic territories with intent controls that enable radical improvements, and effortlessly achieve clarity with the Unmasking module. Neutron 4 also introduces Trash Mode for destructive sound manipulation and Punch Mode for adding impact to your mixes.

What’s New in Neutron 4?

  • Assistant View: The beloved Mix Assistant has evolved into the Assistant View, a smart control center that provides quick, personalized results tailored to your needs.

  • Make Space: The Unmask module identifies and resolves masking issues, giving your mix a newfound clarity. Create sonic space between competing tracks by optimizing the balance between elements like bass and kick or vocals and instruments.

  • Distort Responsibly (or Not): Neutron 4 incorporates a slice of iZotope’s fan-favorite plugin, Trash. Enter Trash Mode to distort and manipulate audio creatively. Push the boundaries of sound with the Tone Slider and Tame Button.

  • Hit Hard: Punch Mode is your secret weapon for controlling and visualizing the impact of your sounds. Inject life into vocals, percussion, bass, and more by adding beats, hits, or clicks to make them stand out.

Changelog v4.5.0 (Released September 08, 2023)

  • Fixed: Addressed an issue with an unresponsive user interface in Cubase 12 on Windows.

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