Karanyi Sounds – Polyscape 2 Pro (KONTAKT)

This is an unprotected library and does not include a nicnt file. You can conveniently access it from the Files tab. Detailed instructions for adding snapshots are included in the distribution.

Discover The Extended Universe: Polyscape 2 takes you on a sonic journey into the realm of supermassive soundscapes, intricately processed cellos, and contemporary hybrid pads. This dynamic library is designed to empower your creativity, whether you’re composing cinematic scores reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s work in ‘Dune’ or drawing inspiration from Johann Johannsson’s ‘Arrival.’ Moreover, Polyscape 2 seamlessly complements modern electronic music, particularly pieces with a sci-fi flair.

Explore Polyscape 2 Pro:

  • In addition to the core library, Polyscape 2 Pro features “Sphere,” an exclusive artist preset pack curated by Aeron Aether. This expansion introduces a diverse range of sounds, including epic keys, dreamy pads, cinematic basses, and even unconventional off-key special effects.

Step into the future of soundscaping and music production with Polyscape 2. Unleash your creativity and elevate your compositions to new heights.”

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