Audiofier – Tetrality 2 (KONTAKT)

Featuring a rich selection of 20 meticulously multi-sampled organic instruments across four layers, TETRALITY 2 unlocks a world of endless, captivating arpeggios and meticulously crafted sequences to elevate your compositions.

Explore TETRALITY 2:

  • Immerse yourself in a symphony of carefully curated instruments, each chosen to create exquisite ensembles and distinctive sonic landscapes.
  • Perform with unparalleled flexibility as TETRALITY 2 allows you to store up to eight master scenes that can be effortlessly switched while performing. Each scene can encompass entirely different instruments, mappings, sequences, tempos, scales, mixer settings, and more.
  • Tailor your sonic canvas with spatial arrangement options, mimicking a live stage experience, or pan instruments as needed for a customized soundstage.
  • Keep your compositions fresh and dynamic with TETRALITY 2’s improvisational prowess, offering varying levels of variation to ensure your sequences remain vibrant and unique. Plus, add delightful groups of notes known as “Ornaments” to spice up your arrangements.
  • TETRALITY 2 boasts an impressive four-layer sound architecture, featuring 20 instruments per layer, individual polyrhythmic sequencers, and flexible mapping options for each layer.
  • Harness the power of TETRALITY 2’s ‘divisi’ feature, which intelligently recognizes up to four-note chords. This ensures that each of the four sequencers produces distinct melodies or phrases, avoiding note doubling and delivering harmonious compositions.
  • Embrace the magic of TETRALITY 2’s extensive randomization options, automatically generating harmonious arrangements with rhythm, phrases, and ornaments that make musical sense.

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