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If you could go back a few minutes in time and give your ex-self some advice about the upcoming “trials and tribulations” of “mixing and mastering”? What important piece of advice could you share in this short time?
Plugin-set so that you can express yourself:
Klevgrand – Baervaag 1.2.1
Klevgrand – Brusfri 1.2.1
Klevgrand – DAW Cassette 1.1.4
Klevgrand – DAW LP 1.0.5
Klevgrand – Degrader 1.0.3
Klevgrand – Enkl 1.0. 3
Klevgrand – Esspresso 1.0.3
Klevgrand – Gaffel 1.0.4
Klevgrand – GotoEQ v1.0.3
Klevgrand – Grand Finale v1.0.4
Klevgrand – Haaze 2.0.3
Klevgrand – Hillman 1.0.1
Klevgrand – Jussi 1.1.2
Klevgrand – Kleverb 1.0.3
Klevgrand – Knorr 1.0.2
Klevgrand – Korvpressor 2.0.3
Klevgrand – Kuvert 1.0.3
Klevgrand – LUXE 1.1.1
Klevgrand – Modley v1.1.2
Klevgrand – Pads 1.1.1
Klevgrand – Pipa 1.0.1
Klevgrand – PressIt 1.0.3
Klevgrand – r0verb 1.0.2
Klevgrand – REAMP 1.1.1
Klevgrand – Rum 1.0.0
Klevgrand – Skaka 1.0.4
Klevgrand – Slammer
1.0.2 Klevgrand – Spinn 1.0.1
Klevgrand – Squashit 1.0.2
Klevgrand – Stark 1.0.3
Klevgrand – Syndt 1.0.2
Klevgrand – Tines 1.1.2
Klevgrand – Ting 1.1.0

Plugin Description
Klevgrand – Baervaag – FM synthesizer with one carrier signal and modulator. Oscillator shapes can be easily modified between sine wave and pure square wave with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
Klevgrand – Brusfri is a high-tech audio noise suppressor packaged in a simple and intuitive interface. It is very well suited for removing noise from audio recordings while maintaining sound quality. Unlike many other noise cancellers on the market, Brusfri does not deal with audio phasing to suppress noise (a technique that often leads to audio side effects). Instead, several finely tuned gates are used to suppress unwanted noise.
Klevgrand – DAW Cassette– brings back the magic era of the 1980s by emulating the sound of a cassette deck. Saturation, distortion, noise, wobble, it’s all there. But there shouldn’t be any rational logic in this sound. This sound coloring just makes your spine tremble!
Klevgrand – DAW LP – vinyl turntable simulation plugin. It simulates a variety of vinyl-related artifacts, from the surface of a vinyl record to the output cable of a RIAA amplifier. Tune in to anything from an old 78 player to modern Hi-Fi sound.
Klevgrand – Degrader– combined resampler and bitcrusher plugin. It can be used to simulate the sound of vintage digital equipment such as lofi or distortion. Since all parameters are fully automated, this is a handy plugin for creating unique and interesting drops, sweeps and other transitions.
Klevgrand – Enkl is a fully featured monophonic synthesizer that can create a wide variety of sounds. Fat bass, stub leads, broken noises, chiptune melodies (including arpeggios), supernatural percussion.
Klevgrand – Esspresso– fast, beautiful and powerful de-esser. What makes Esspresso unique is that the detection frequency range is unrelated to the suppression frequency range. This means that you can listen to a certain frequency and suppress another, which is often the case with a professional de-esser. With a quick and accurate frequency response view, you can easily have complete control over annoying C-sounds that could otherwise mess up your mix.
What makes Esspresso unique is that the detection frequency range is unrelated to the suppression frequency range. This means that you can listen to a certain frequency and suppress another, which is often the case with a professional de-esser. With a quick and accurate frequency response view, you can easily have complete control over annoying C-sounds that could otherwise mess up your mix.
Klevgrand – Gaffel – Virtual Crossover. Gaffel * is a tool that splits audio into different frequency bands. Using it on multiple channels allows the user to create multi-band effects from the output of any other plug-in.
Klevgrand – GotoEQ– A new evolution of the vintage passive tube EQ, extending the classic sound with dynamic EQ bands. GotoEQ offers classic low frequency trick with Boost and Attenuate controls at low shelf as well as high shelf mode. With continuous frequency selection, you can tune each band to your liking. Most importantly, GotoEQ’s two mid-bands offer dynamic attenuation, bringing a musical approach to the classic EQ module.
Klevgrand – Grand Finale– Multi-effect plugin designed for finalizing mixes, stems and / or individual audio tracks. The plugin offers several modules in a pre-configured configuration. Each module has parameters to change, and most modules offer a suite of algorithms.
Klevgrand – Haaze – provides two different ways to convert a mono signal (or not stereo wide enough) to a wider stereo signal.
By splitting the input signal into 16 different frequency domains, spanning 20 Hz to 20 kHz, Haaze can add different amounts of stereo expansion to different frequency domains. This allows you to convert a mono track to a natural-sounding stereo track (for example, keeping the low frequencies in mono while spreading the higher ones).
Klevgrand – Hillman is a synthesizer with a rich and sweet vintage sound. Inspired by vintage combo organs, string machines and similar instruments.
Klevgrand – Jussi – emulates the singing of male vowels in a unique way. With a set of powerful parameters, you can make Jussi sing anything from soft and airy choral vowels to cruel and angry screams. Formants are controlled by the Velocity setting, making it fun and easy to use with a MIDI keyboard.
Klevgrand – Kleverb– high quality algorithmic reverb effect. An intuitive user interface, combined with a carefully calibrated filter and delay network, makes this powerful effect useful in any context – everything from acoustic jazz to EDM.
With three different space size settings (small, medium, large), selectable filter for both early and late reflections, modulation, damping, diffusion and more, virtually any kind of space and room can be simulated.
Klevgrand – Knorr is a plugin that adds intensity and richness to a mono low frequency sound source (eg bass). The algorithm adds overtones to the existing sound in a way that is not possible with conventional distortion or filtering.
Klevgrand – Korvpressor is an adaptive compressor / limiter that can be used in a variety of ways. It has a super-simple user interface that visualizes the compression process.
Klevgrand – Kuvert – allows you to draw five different envelopes … These envelopes control various parameters of the effect and can be drawn freely or on a grid. The envelopes are looped, but the incoming sound is not (unless, of course, it is looped initially). This is a powerful and fun way to change your sounds to achieve a completely new result, sometimes not even recognizable!
Klevgrand – LUXE – gives you a very easy way to get your tracks into the mix.
You can spend ages and use multiple plugins when trying to fit a track to your mix, but Klevgrand has another option called Luxe.
This simple plugin promises to compress and saturate your signal in a “subtle yet musical way.”
Klevgrand – Modley is a modulation delay with insertable effects that lets you create an entire delay signal with several carefully selected effect modules to create unique signal streams.
Klevgrand – Pads– a powerful and organic pad synthesizer. It is a wavetable synthesizer with a noise / grain oscillator and a pass filter. With a carefully designed ‘wobbler’ parameter that “detunes” waveforms and creates very minor inconsistencies between a few internal parameters and a good-sounding chorus, this synthesizer is capable of producing some really interesting and kinetic pad sounds.
Klevgrand – PressIt is a sophisticated dynamic tool best used as a main plugin or for tuning a bus master. It works great on drums, but background vocals or other things will work well as well.
PressIt consists of three compressors that work independently of each other.
Klevgrand – REAMPis a sophisticated spectral saturation processor that simulates many different analog instruments in a new and unique way. The seven plug-in models available are based on real analog equipment, individually working in two directions: the gain characteristic (-inf dB to +6 dB) and the frequency spectrum from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
Klevgrand – Skaka is a virtual shaker with an advanced sequencer. Eight percussion sounds, polyrhythmic support and an effects section for creating parts of any complexity.
Klevgrand – Stark is a complete amp simulator consisting of four modules: amp, cabinet, room and pedal. The modules process audio separately, allowing you to combine different amplifiers with different cabinets and spaces.
What sets STARK apart from other similar simulators is that the cockpit, amplifier and ambience modules are built on Klevgrand’s own algorithms, which do not involve any convolution. This approach provides a more natural response to dynamics across the entire frequency spectrum, as well as the ability to fine tune each profile in ways that are simply not possible with sophisticated methods.
Klevgrand – Tines – emulates an electric piano. With internal effects such as stereo tremolo, multi-band distortion panel, and subtle reverb, Tines can sound like something between the dreamy Rhodes and the wayward Wurlitzer (however, it is not intended for “vintage” emulation, but sounds like a modern instrument).
Klevgrand – Ting – Contains 12 different percussion sounds created from recordings of hits from household items (such as silverware, sofa, toy drum, or a pair of car keys).

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